Coaching & Consulting Services

I offer individual, private, and confidential executive and employee coaching sessions. I also mediate group and one-on-one conflict management and resolution. Moreover, I provide on-going consulting services to motivate individuals and teams so that newly acquired skills are reinforced and enhanced, incorporating a variety of real-life examples during my training programs. In addition to my education in psychology, I draw from my vast experience as a supervisor, manager, director business owner, and corporate coach and consultant.


It is evident that the instructor [Nancy] wants us to learn and succeed in our jobs, but it’s up to us to apply what we have learned.

E. BergHR Director

Nancy worked with my entire organization to improve our communication skills. I can shay without a doubt that each associate was touched in a positive way, and they came back to the office with new skills they could apply immediately. In a customer service industry, such as property management, poor communication skills can put us out of business… Nancy’s enthusiastic, compassionate, fun attitude had a great impact on everyone! They are begging for the next workshop!

Dori LockePresident / Managing Partner